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What makes our swim lessons different from other companies? 

Our location and atmosphere in which we teach! 

Lessons are conducted in a private backyard pool in Brea, free from distraction of many other students and/or instructors in the pool. These one-on-one or semi-private lessons allow the students the undivided attention of their instructor, which has been proven to be necessary for greater success in a shorter amount of time. 

Swim lessons are offered full time in the Spring & Summer (March - August). These lessons are scheduled in 2 week sessions (Monday - Friday) and we have found great success with our students in just 10 lessons. 

We also offer lessons part time in the Fall (September - October). These lessons are sceduled one time per week, for 8-10 weeks, and serve as a great way to retain & maintain what was taught during the Spring & Summer sessions. 

*Pricing - All pricing below applies for 1st student (per person/per lesson)

*Discounts - We offer a $50 "sibling discount" for any type of lesson scheduled

*Deposit - A 50% deposit is required upon booking swim lessons of any kind. The remainder 50% is due upon the start of lessons (first day of lessons).


Available for children ages 2 years - adult. 

Learn the basic swim and survival techniques in order to feel comfortable, enjoy the water, and have fun with others. Safety is our top priority! We teach techniques such as big kickers, glides, falling into the water and grabbing the wall, flip & float, bubble blowing, & breath work while diving for toys. Each skill taught helps serve the main purpose - water safety - to help kids & their parents feel safe with being in and around water. Private lessons are most beneficial for participants with little to no swim experience. Semi-private lessons are only available for participants ages 4 & up, and with prior swim experience.

     PRICING : (per person, per lesson) 

      Private Lessons (1-on-1)                                           

     30 min = $40  ($400 - 2 wk session)

     Semi-Private Lessons (2 - 4 swimmers) 

      30 min = $25 per person ($250 - 2 wk session)

      45 min = $30 per person ($300 - 2 wk session)


Available for children ages 6 months - age of 2 years. 

These sessions are taught in a small group of 3-5 parents with their babies. Lessons are 30 min (5 minutes group play in beginning and end of each lesson, with a 20 minute guided instruction time). Guided instruction time consists of introduction to the water, getting comfortable being in the water, blowing bubbles, kicking feet, floating, introduction of what to do if falling in off the side, and full underwater submersion. 

     PRICING : (per parent/child, per lesson) 

      Small Group Lessons (3 - 5 parents/babies)

      30 min = $25  ($250 for 2 wk session)


Available for those who already know the basic swim techniques and are looking to improve and/or enhance their swimming abilities. Great for those who are on a swim team, desire to be on a team, and/or for tri-athletes looking to gain that extra edge on their opponents. Private lessons are for 30 or 60 min., semi-private or small group lessons are for 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Stroke lessons can be done in 2 wk sessions or are great to do one time per week in the Fall or off-season.

     PRICING : (per person, per lesson) 

       Private Lessons (1-on-1)                                             

       30 min = $40

       1 hour = $70                            


       Semi-Private Lesson (2 - 4 swimmers)

      30 min = $25

       45 min = $30

        1 hour = $40 

*Off Season Swim Lessons : (for any type lessons mentioned above) 

Available in the months of November - February

Services offered at YOUR desired location, with a slightly higher price due to extra expenses in vehicle & travel time. 

*Cost applies for Brea, La Habra, Placentia, & Yorba Linda area. Outside of these locations, the price is higher and can be discussed when scheduling lessons.     

      PRICING : (per person, per lesson)

       Private Lesson (1-on-1)                             

        30 min = $50       


       Semi-Private Lesson (2 - 4 swimmers)       

        45 min = $40 


Available to individuals or groups (minimum of 5 participants).

In this 1 hour full body exercise class, you will be working in the pool using techniques such as walking, running, jumping jacks, cross country skiing, leg lifts/kicks, arm pull/presses, body twists, etc. It is a safe and fun way to get the heart rate up, improve flexibility and range of motion, strengthen and tone muscles, without hard impact or hurting vulnerable bones, joints and muscles. Your head can stay out of the water if you'd like, so no worries about getting the hair wet. Morning classes can be scheduled in our Brea pool during Fall months. 

All levels welcome!

     PRICING :

       Private Sessions (1-on-1) 

       Single Session = $60

       x4 (expires 30 days)     = $200 *(50.00)

       x8 (expires 60 days)     = $360 *(45.00)

       x12 (expires 90 days)   = $504 *(42.00)

       x20 (expires 120 days) = $860 *(40.00)

        * indicates the "per class" fee 


      Semi-Private Sessions (1-3 people)

      Single Session = $40

      x4 (expires 30 days)     = $148 *(37.00)

      x8 (expires 60 days)     = $280 *(35.00)

      x12 (expires 90 days)   = $360 *(30.00)

      x20 (expires 120 days) = $500 *(25.00)

       * indicates the "per class" fee


      Small Group Classes ​​(4 or more people)

      Single session = $20

      1x week monthly fee = $72 *($18)

      2x week monthly fee = $128 *($16)

      3x week monthly fee = $180 *($15)

       * indicates the "per class" fee for 4 weeks. Price is higher for 5 week months