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I am 


Life in Balance‚Äč

I am Yoga & Fitness does not provide yoga or fitness classes in a studio or gym location. Group classes and/or private sessions are available and offered in a park setting and 'on site' locations of your school, workplace or home. We are a company designed to travel to you for bootcamps and yoga, offering our customers not only quality, but convenience as well.

Swim lessons are taught in a private backyard pool in Brea, during peak season (March - October). Off season lessons (Nov - Feb) are taught at your desired location.

Please click on the Yoga & Fitness and/or Swim Lessons tabs on the menu bar for more information.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

We'd love to hear from you and serve you in any way possible.

The best way to contact us is via phone call or text.

Phone : 714-553-7253

Email : [email protected]

Facebook :

Retail Items:

Don't live in the area? Are private or group classes not possible for you?

Don't let that stop you... 

Try the Hatha Yoga "Home Practice" DVD series!

The DVDs are priced at $14.99 each or $39.99 for the "Life in Balance" series -set of 3.

Choose from 3 Different Individual Yoga Home Practice Sessions or purchase the "Life in Balance" Series at a discount.

*If you live in the Orange County California area, no need to wait for shipping.

Give us a call or text to place your order and we'll be happy to deliver to you!!

DVD - Hatha Yoga STRETCH

A Yoga Home Practice Session. Gain Flexibility through Twisting & Bending Poses. For All Levels. Approx. 1hr



A Yoga Home Practice Session. Gain Strength, Stamina, & Endurance through Contracting & Holding Poses. For All Levels. Approx. 1hr.



A Yoga Home Practice Session. Gain Focus & Stability through Balancing Poses. For All Levels. Approx. 1hr.


Life in Balance - Hatha Yoga DVD Series

Experience a different workout with each of the three DVDs in the Series. The 3 DVD Set is a great way to implement the things we need to achieve a Life in Balance. For All Levels. Ea. DVD is Approx. 1hr.