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Life in Balance

Company Services

Hatha Yoga:

A yoga class using bodily postures, breathing techniques, and meditation with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind. With the many hatha yoga postures, numerous variations are offered to cater to multiple fitness levels. The class combines series of stretches, awareness of posture, and focused breathing techniques to produce a sense of physical well being and inner peace. With correct body alignment, posture, and breathing techniques learned, you will experience wellness & stress reduction. Progressive stretching will be taught to help release muscle tension and improve: flexibility, performance, and range of motion. The class will provide you with a time to quiet your mind, body, soul and spirit. We will concentrate on balance, stability, strength and stretching. The class provides a calming workout through movements that focus on the necessary elements to discover your inner-peace and self-realization. All levels welcome!

*Offered in your home or at the park upon request (minimum of 5 participants), for businesses (on their site location or in park), or as privates/semi-privates in your home/office/or park.

Yoga Conditioning for Athletes:

A service offered to athletes on an individual or team basis. Yoga can be an excellent method of enhancing performance because it combines both physical conditioning and focused concentration. Yoga conditioning programs can be designed specifically to enhance the athlete's abilities in whatever sport they participate in. The sessions are designed to help prevent injuries by bringing balance back into the body along with relaxation to the mind. Programs can provide modifications for those in need of increasing flexibility, for those in need of building strength, or can provide unmodified postures which will help fully develop power, stamina, and flexibility. Whether a person is a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, yoga can be a unique and useful way to balance the individual's conditioning. The yoga postures and breathing exercises will help an athlete focus the mind in their body and breath. Yoga conditioning for athletes may be just the tool to help improve one's game, play strong, relax deeply and have fun. All levels welcome!

*Offered to teams on their site or in a park atmosphere.

Fitness Bootcamp:

A total body conditioning class designed as a circuit training that incorporates cardio, muscle strengthening, resistance bands, agility skills, jump ropes, sprint drills, core conditioning and much more. Help jump start your metabolism and burn fat faster. Improve your endurance, increase your strength, tighten and firm up loose muscles, loose inches, and gain self confidence. All levels welcome!

*Offered as a group class in your home or at the park upon request (minimum of 5 participants), for businesses (on their site location or in park), or as privates/semi-privates in home/office/or park.

Aqua-Fit Aerobics:

In this one-hour, full body exercise class, you will be working in the pool using techniques such as walking, running, jumping jacks, cross country skiing, leg lifts/kicks, arm presses/pulls, body twists, etc. It is a safe and fun way to get the heart rate up, improve flexibility and range of motion, strengthen and tone muscles without hard impact or hurting vulnerable bones, joints and muscles. Your head can stay out of the water if you'd like, so no worries about getting the hair wet. All levels welcome!

*Offered to individuals or groups (minimum of 5 participants) who have access to a pool.

Stroke/Swim Lessons:

What makes our swim lessons different from other companies is our location and atmosphere in which we teach! Lessons are conducted in a private backyard pool, free from distraction of many other students and/or instructors in the pool. These one-on-one or semi-private lessons allows the students the undivided attention of their instructor, which has been proven to be necessary for greater success in a shorter time frame. We schedule lessons in 2 week sessions (Monday - Friday) and have found great success with our students in just 10 lessons.

Swim lessons are available for children ages 2 - adult. Learn the basic swim and survival techniques in order to feel comfortable, enjoy the water, and have fun with others. Lessons in the spring/summer season (March - August) are conducted in a private heated pool located in Brea. Off season lessons may be provided at your desired site/location if you have a pool or access to a heated pool. Private lessons are 30 min, semi-private or small group lessons are 30-45min.

Parent/Baby Swim lessons are available for children under the age of 2 and can be started as early as 6 months. These sessions are taught in a small group of 3-5 parents with their babies. Lessons are 30 min (5 min group play in beginning and end of each lesson, with a 20 minute guided instruction time). Guided instruction time consists of introduction to the water, getting comfortable being in the water, blowing bubbles, kicking feet, floating, introduction of what to do if falling in off the side, and full underwater submersion. Lessons are conducted in a private heated pool located in Brea.

Stroke lessons are available for those who already know the basic swim techniques and are looking to improve and enhance their swimming abilities. Great for those who are on a swim team, desire to be on a team, and/or for tri-athletes looking to gain that extra edge on their opponents. Private lessons are for 30 or 60 min., semi-private or small group lessons are for 45min.-1hr.

Nutritional Support:

Free appointments can be arranged for those looking for assistance with nutritional tips and helpful hints for a healthy lifestyle. I am Yoga & Fitness is proudly affiliated with the Team Beachbody Company and strongly recommends their nutritional products and performance supplements. Beachbody is the leading in-home fitness company in the industry with 100% money back guarantee on all products. It has been proven that with proper nutrition, fitness, and support, you will maximize your results and experience success!

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